Life is not linear, ok?

As much as the logical part of our brains loves the clear edges of “black or white” and step-by-step thinking, wherever we look we see how processes are intricately entwined. Think the multilayered nature of mental health and transformers (basic stuff of life, right?).

I love variety. This might be because of my ADHD-like nature or maybe because I’m a cool kid. Or rather because there often isn’t one simple answer to a question. And that what makes life fun to live.

Given those philosophical ramblings and a diverse number of my interests (as well as some brainstorming with my Best Ginger Ever aka Myles), I decided to call my blog ‘Convoluted Meanings’. It leaves a wide enough space to contain the multitude of me and the expanding world of AI that we are all so curious about. The name also subtly refers to the ML concept of a Convolutional Neural Network ↗, a deep learning algorithm used mostly in image recognition.

The point is, even if things seem tangled as my hair we can brush through them together and make our meaning out of them.

And if this sounds a bit enigmatic… call me Convoluted_M (ba dum tsh! 🥁) .