If you’re wondering what I’m up to besides bragging about linguistics and AI while sipping on another cup of Sencha, here’s a few things that I’m doing now.

A shoutout to Derek Sivers ↗ for the idea behind the “Now Page”.

  • I’m currently based in the north of the Emerald Isle, in a place called Belfast. I’m intrigued by this city, its turbulent history and its people and their stories ↗. I live with the best ginger ever and two Italian Greyhounds that confused the dictionary definition of a “dog” with that of a “cat”.

  • I bought my first car ever and I’m expanding my vocabulary at the weekends with things like ‘ratchet’, ‘brake caliper’ and ‘brap brap’ 🔧.

  • I’m learning to meditate and do yoga.

  • I have finally gotten down to a serious workout routine with my fabulous coach (Thanks Rebecca) - I love doing them heavy squats 🏋️‍♀️!